Welcome to The Order of St Philip

Cover image: Saint Philip baptising the Ethiopian Eunuch – Aelbert Cuyp circa 1655  (used by permission)

The Order of St Philip is a new, dispersed religious community of evangelists. It was incorporated in 2019 and is registered with the ACNC as a national religious charity. It is freely available to evangelists in every country.

You are not joining an organisation, you are invited to live by a Rule of Life. This is our unifying feature. A Rule of Life supports self-discipline that leads to effectiveness and longevity. The first part of the Rule of Life is suitable for all Christians. 

Our mission is: to identify, validate, equip and deploy an exponentially increasing number of evangelists.

Sometimes we team up for evangelistic missions. Sometimes we gather for fellowship, worship and friendship. Sometimes we meet up in training forums. We are preparing to run training courses for evangelists on the theology of evangelism and evangelists; communication; apologetics; training and equipping; evangelists in history; and leadership. Formal training at a Masters and Doctorate level is available.

We have decades of experience coaching evangelists and we offer this service for a fee. However, occasionally we offer free coaching sessions as a gift to evangelists who join The Order of St Philip.

Please visit the blog to request a free copy of Understanding Evangelists, a guide for locating and encouraging new evangelists.

Conrad Parsons

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