About us

About Us

The Directors of the Order of St Philip Incorporated – 2020

Conrad Parsons

Conrad is well known for his evangelistic ministry in the Pacific Islands and his interest in their culture and mission history. He has coached evangelists in several countries around the world including USA, New Zealand, and the UK. He lives in Melbourne… read more

Jack Harradine

Jack Harradine is an aboriginal evangelist. He and his wife Lillian have been serving the Lord for more than thirty-five years. They have been married for more than forty years. They are parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Their passion is sharing the Gospel… read more

John Stanley

John Stanley is an evangelist, called to draw the church to the lost and the lost to Christ. He was commissioned as a Church Army Evangelist in 1988. John and his wife Alison have served in a parish in Melbourne; a CafĂ© ministry building community among the homeless… read more

Jan Syme

Jan was commissioned as a Church Army Evangelist at the end of 1983. She grew up in Victoria, in both Melbourne and Gippsland Dioceses. After college, Jan served in parishes in Tasmania and Sydney. Her ministry love in the last 20 years has been… read more

Paul Warren

Paul grew up in an Anglican Family and became a Christian through (CSSM) Beach Mission in Narooma in 1968. He made a second commitment at age 12 as he prepared for confirmation in Armidale. This led to an insatiable appetite for… read more