Rule of Life

The Order of St Philip – Rule of LiFE

Companions and Evangelists

  1. Read and reflect on the Bible’s message of love, peace and reconciliation.
  2. Receive personally God’s forgiveness, mercy, grace and love.
  3. Meet regularly with other followers of Jesus Christ.
  4. Faithfully care for people, starting with your family and those near to you.
  5. Make space for others, include them and offer hospitality.
  6. Show compassion for God’s creation by words and actions.
  7. Pray by name for people who seem lost, trapped or far from Jesus.
  8. Seek to understand people and assist them to hear the Good News.
  9. Ask God for wisdom and empowerment from the Holy Spirit.
  10. Regularly repent of sin and faithfully witness to the risen Jesus.


  1. As a religious order we are men and women who seek to live as disciples of Jesus Christ who have undertaken to –
    • forsake ambitions of wealth and possessions (vow of poverty).
    • live a life of chastity in singleness and faithfulness in marriage (vow of chastity).
    • obey the teachings of Jesus Christ (vow of obedience).
    • live by the Order’s Rule of Life (vow of discipline).
  2. Learn and retell the stories about Jesus, especially those in the Gospels.
  3. Lovingly preach and announce the Good News of God’s Kingdom.
  4. Show people how to follow Jesus as his disciples now and forever.
  5. Challenge violence of every kind and transform unjust structures.
  6. Live simply and use money carefully, being generous to the poor.
  7. Encourage other evangelists and invite them into The Order of St Philip.

This Rule of Life was adopted by the Board on 31 August 2020..

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