Jack Harradine

Jack Harradine

Jack Harradine is an aboriginal evangelist. He and his wife Lillian have been serving the Lord for more than thirty-five years. They have been married for more than forty years. They are parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Their passion is sharing the gospel.

They have worked as itinerant evangelists and travelled extensively, sharing the Gospel by faith. Currently Jack is the Pastor of the living Desert Faith Community at Broken Hill, formerly the living Desert Indigenous Church. Broken Hill is near the NSW and South Australian border and has a large aboriginal population.

Jack is a gifted and inspiring preacher and Lill has the gift of serving and hospitality. They live in a Bush Church Aid house and part of their ministry is welcoming and ministering to people in their home (BCA House). Jack is also a Prison Chaplain and ministers to the local aboriginal and wider community at Broken Hill and Wilcania.

Quote from Jack “Until we met the Lord, we never really had a life. We existed and we survived from one day to the next. We were lost in darkness. We had no hope and we had no future to look forward to. We met Christ and our lives have never been the same. If anyone be in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone and the new has come.”

Jack and Lill understand how the lord saves people from a life of sin hopelessness. Their desire is to share the gospel and see many people come to Christ and be set free.